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Bottle & Jug Dept.

Bottle & Jug Dept. are back at Level 1 this August Bank Holiday with another Natural Wine Pop Up and tastings. Friday 26th - Sunday 28th August.

Bottle & Jug Dept. will be pouring some delicious natural wines from their pop up bar, plus there will be a couple tastings for you to learn a little bit more. They will also be suggesting some pairings with Level 1 dishes over the weekend to get the full food and wine experience.

Hope you can join us for some natty wine action in the sun (let’s hope so) with the best views and food in Worthing.

What is “natural wine” and why isn’t all wine considered natural?

In this tasting Bottle & Jug Dept. will answer those questions and pour some fabulous wines to help illustrate the point. Natural wine is still a very niche part of the wine world, but one that is growing in popularity. This tasting will help you to understand what we mean when talking about natural wines compared to conventional or commercial products.

We will discuss the full life cycle from field to bottle, discussing the benefits to the both the planet and your body that natural wines possess. Looking beyond the labels at why the natural wine movement is not just a fad or marketing ploy to sell more wine and is in reality a fundamental and necessary change to safeguard the future of viticulture.

During the tasting we will sample 8 different wines. Working our way from Pet Nat sparkling wine, through orange and of course classic white and red wines. As always with Bottle & Jug tastings the event will be friendly and informal where questions are welcome and no one should feel afraid to ask if unsure about something. We aim to inform but mainly to entertain.

Ever find yourself trapped in an endless world of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio? Do you ever wonder what other grapes are out there and what they might taste of? Then come join Bottle & Jug Dept. for an evening where we walk the viticultural path less trodden and explore some of the lesser known grapes of the world.

Natural winemakers are champions of indigenous grapes varietals and have made it their mission to save these from extinction. Indigenous varietals have been ripped up and cast aside by commercial wineries as they buy up land to plant the generic varietals that grace our supermarket shelves. We are losing the unique nature that comes from regional winemaking as the vineyards of the world become a homogenous mass of identical grapes.

Join us as we explore eight different wines from across the globe that champion lesser known grapes. Some will be regional varietals that do not get the attention they deserve whereas others will be key grapes from regions you will not find on your supermarket shelves.

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