Please note, Level 1 is walk-ins only, we do not take bookings in advance.

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Open-Air Cinema Night

Join us for an open-air cinema night with a great selection of films and food & drink for a fun evening outdoors.

A monthly event to keep the whole family entertained!

An earlier showing for the kids, and a later showing for the older ones! You will be seated under our winter canopy and provided heated seat cushions, hot water bottles and cosy blankets to keep you toasty whilst you enjoy the film. There will also be food & drink specials and tasty deals to keep in theme with a classic outdoor cinema.


17:00 : The Lion King (U) – animated

“As a cub, Simba is forced to leave the Pride Lands after his father Mufasa is murdered by his wicked uncle, Scar. Years later, he returns as a young lion to reclaim his throne.”

16:00 doors, please arrive with plenty of time beforehand to be seated and get comfortable.

19:15 : Jurassic Park (PG)

“John Hammond, an entrepreneur, opens a wildlife park containing cloned dinosaurs. However, a breakdown of the island’s security system causes the creatures to escape and bring about chaos.”

18:45 doors, please arrive with plenty of time beforehand to be seated and get comfortable- there is a showing beforehand, so we will need to make sure the site has been cleared between.

Tickets are £8pp

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