Please note, Level 1 is walk-ins only, we do not take bookings in advance.

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The Comedy Game Show comes to Level 1


Ever seen Channel 4’s BAFTA-winning show and thought, ‘I want to do that’, well… NOW YOU CAN!


Taskmaster Dan Jones and his loyal sidekick Alex, will be challenging YOU to complete a series of weird and wonderful tasks.

Teams will balance, design, build, imagine, create, guess, mime and do more to win points for their teams.

Most points wins a special, and much yearned for Taskmaster SPECIAL PRIZE, as well as site food & drink vouchers for Level 1 worth up to £100.



-Tickets are purchased per person
-YOU MUST be in a team of 4-6 people !
-If you are not in a team of 4-6 people on the night, we will have to partner you up with another team if you are fewer or split your team up if you are to many


-You will receive 2 preliminary tasks ahead of time to complete before the night of the Quiz which can win your team more points!
-You will be asked to provide your mobile number so the Taskmaster can text you the preliminary tasks – we will never text you again after this.

Prepare for a night of shenanigans. Impress the Taskmaster. Let hilarity ensue.

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